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Homestead Trail

The Homestead Trail runs along the west (left) bank of the Little Deschutes, across the river from the old Vandevert Homestead. These photos were taken during a trail walk on September 7, 2015.

Trailhead on Hashknife Road


Trail approaching the river

The Little Deschutes, looking downstream

Trail through the willows in early autumn

A riparian meadow virtually invisible except from the trail

The "new" house (1952) at the Homestead where the river makes a sharp turn to the left. The dock was rebuilt out of the Vandevert's old wagon bridge.

The Old Homestead across the river as seen from the trail.

The remains of a small Vandevert corral, possibly for the milk cow.

A bend in the river. The Vandevert ice house was on the high bank to the left.

A look back at the river from the trail.

Approaching the crossing at Hashknife Road.

Continuing on the west side of Hashknife Road

Passing through the woodlands

End of the Homestead Trail at intersection with the Vandevert Trail



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