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Common Area Guidelines
Adopted by the Vandevert Ranch Association
February 1999

[Comments Added November 2006 are in brackets]

In order to insure maximum enjoyment of the Vandevert Ranch common areas, your board has adopted policies and guidelines for the use of these areas.  These guidelines supplement the Declaration, Bylaws and other governing documents for Vandevert Ranch [now in the Owners Only section of this web site] and may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors.


To insure availability, please call the Ranch Foreman to reserve any of the following ranch facilities:

  • Schoolhouse

  • Barn

  • Teepee Campsite

  • Gazebo

  • Kennels


The schoolhouse has been restored and furnished for use by all Vandevert landholders.  It is a wonderful facility for small meetings, weddings of landholder’s children or grandchildren, and children story telling etc.  The developer renovated this historic building and gifted the antique furnishings to the Vandevert Ranch Association with a request that the landholders not treat the schoolhouse as a museum, but as a common facility to be used and enjoyed.  (We request that the Landholder be present during the use of the schoolhouse.  Any use of the schoolhouse which would involve the temporary removal of the furniture needs to be discussed with the Ranch Foreman.)


The barn is a complete equestrian facility with 8 boarding stalls and a tack room on the first floor.  The second floor features a large loft with arguably the best views on the ranch.  The loft is intended as a social gathering place for landholders and their guests.  It can accommodate larger groups for parties and special occasions.  Before leaving, all second floor lights should be turned off, and the barn locked at night.  Please remember to make prior arrangements with the Ranch Foreman for use of the loft.  (We request that the Landholder be present during any use of the Loft by guests.  Liquor may not be sold at any event anywhere on Vandevert Ranch.)

The Ranch Staff has developed a system of equestrian trails.  Landholders and guests wishing to ride are requested to contact the Ranch Staff for information regarding trail conditions and for an updated map of the trail system.

Because of the very fragile nature of the environment and as a courtesy to fellow landholders, both equestrians and hikers are requested to avoid crossing through other landholders’ property and to stay on designated trails or in pastures which ranch personnel indicate are available for riding.

Regarding equestrian services, contact the Ranch Foreman for a current listing of services and related fees.  Written boarding agreements and liability releases will be required prior to boarding a horse at the barn and/or using equestrian services.


As all horses are individually owned, at no time may anyone ride or move any horse from pasture to another without the permission of the owner or the equestrian staff.  All tack is privately owned and may not be used without the owner’s consent.

Landholders are responsible for injury and damages when they or their family members or friends are riding or playing with any of the horses.


The Ranch has kennel facilities for the boarding of landholders’ dogs during absences from the Ranch.  Dogs must be current in their shots.  Owners are responsible for providing an adequate supply of dog food and should provide the Ranch Foreman with the name of their chosen veterinarian as well an itinerary where they can be reached in case of emergency.

The Teepee Campsite

The teepee campsite is a day use or overnight campsite for families, children, grandparents and guests.  The campsite features a teepee with a wood floor and furniture, a campfire pit (seasonal restrictions apply) and a picnic table.  We request that your campers under age 16 be accompanied by an adult.  A portable camp toilet is available from the Ranch Forman.  The user is to clean it before it is returned to the Ranch office.  Parking area is limited to the south side of the road only.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo is available for picnics and barbecues by landholders and their guests.  Gazebo parking is limited to the shoulders of the road to the barn, allowing sufficient room for emergency vehicles to pass by on the road.

Anyone needing closer access to the Gazebo than the barn road can obtain directions from the Ranch Foreman to a dirt road which accesses the site.

The Lake

The lake was developed for recreational catch and release fly fishing.  (Children under 12 years old and under may use spinning reels.  Please be sure children are taught proper release techniques so that fish are returned to the lake unharmed.)  All fishing tackle is limited to a single barb-less hook.  With the exception of the landholders whose property borders the lake on the east side, all fishing should be done from the west (meadow) side of the lake.  The lake can be accessed by parking at the Schoolhouse and walking down the Common Area access between Lots #2 and 3, and along the fence in front of Lots #8, 9, and 10.  Guests must be accompanied by a Landholder.  Please avoid trespassing on other landholders’ property.  Workers are prohibited from fishing in the lake and Landholders should advise all contractors of this rule. 

Guest Privileges

Our common area facilities are for the exclusive use of Vandevert Ranch landholders and their guests.  The board requests that host landholders be present on the ranch when their guests are using all common area facilities. 

For large groups of guests the desire of our landholders for serenity and ready access to common area facilities will require careful advance planning, as well as prior notification and approval by the Board of Directors.  The Ranch Foreman should be notified well in advance of intentions for group events.

Guest parking is normally restricted to the host landholder’s property and to the parking provided adjacent to the schoolhouse and barn.  Although we will do our best to accommodate your needs, any exceptions to this rule must have prior approval of the board in order to assure access for fire and emergency vehicles.

In order to protect your privacy, commercial soliciting will not be allowed anywhere on the Ranch at any time by any Landholder, guest, or member of the general public.

In the event that a Landholder decides to rent or lease their property [one year minimum], the use of the common areas by the temporary resident is not allowed unless approved in writing by the Board of Directors.

 Neighborhood Watch

It is advisable when not on the Ranch to consider leaving a key to your home along with phone numbers and other emergency information with the Ranch Foreman.

 All guests staying in your home when the Landholder is not present should notify the Ranch Foreman.  [The revised Declaration filed in February 2005 essentially forbids having guests stay in your home when you are not present.]

 Security is a must!

                                                             Board of Directors

                                                            Vandevert Ranch Association, Inc.

                                                            February 1999

 [Addendum – Fire Roads

 Landholders may drive on the fire roads on the west side of the ranch and beside the pasture by the barn.  Please do not drive on single-track riding trails or across the meadow.]

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