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On August 1, 2008, the owners voted to approve a budget for improvements to the pond, the berm along South Century, the main gate, and the north and east wooden perimeter fences.  The budget includes water mitigation credits for the pond, the paving of the north access road, and the resurfacing of a common area portion of the Homestead Road.  (For a copy of the budget and the ballot approving it see the Owners Only pages - password required.) 

Excavation and grading were completed by November of 2008. The berms and the spoils placed in the meadow were reseeded in August 2009. See photos of the results as of June 30, 2010. For photos of the work in progress see below.

December 2, 2008 - Full Pond  - Shores Graded but not Planted (Photos by Wrangler)

Pond South End from South End

South End from West Shore

South End from East Shore

In background see excess dirt piled in meadow.

Across Pond from Lot 7

South Island from Pond South End

South Island from Lot 7

Pond Middle from West Shore

North island on left

Overflow at North End

Inspecting the Work

Lot 3 with Geese

New owner landscaping.

Lot 3 with Aspens

Lot 6

New owner landscaping

Lot 7

New owner landscaping


November 21 - Fence, Overflow, Pond Still Filling (Photos by Wrangler)

New Fence - North of Main Gate

New Fence - South of Main Gate

North End of Pond

Dam and Overflow Pipe at North End

North Island from North End

Looking North from Lot 5

Looking Across from Lot 5

Looking South from Lot 5

November 17 - Pond Mostly Full (Photos by Contractor)

From South End

From Middle Looking North

From North End Looking South


October 30 - Pond Built and Filling.  Berms Built, Fence Underway (Photos by Ponderosa)

North End of Pond

Aeration in progress. Only inlet from well is at north end but not visible in photo.

North Island

Looking north.

South End of Pond

Aeration in progress

South Island

From west shore, looking south.

Rocks and Structure

Lot 7 from Across Pond

Landscaping contracted by lot owner.

Access to Circulation Pump

There are 2HP pumps in two sumps like this to take take and return water to the pond for circulation. Can also be used for possible future stream.

Intake Pipe

Takes water from pond for recirculation. Note end cap & perforations to prevent fish and debris from clogging pumps.

South End Pipe from Circulation Pumps

Valves control whether circulated water comes out here or at north end to create flow - or in the middle to create swirls.

Berm South of Main Gate

Berms will settle over winter and will probably suffer some erosion.

Berm by North Access Road

Looking north. Access road due to be paved in spring.

Lot 11 - Hashknife Road Berm

Will block headlights from hitting house.

Lot 11 - Homestead Road Berm

Will block headlights from hitting house.

Excess Fill in Meadow

Fill in background. Construction road in foreground.

Fence Construction Underway


October 17 to 23 - Finishing Bottom of Pond, Added North Access Berm, Shaped Berms (Photos by Wrangler)

North Island on Left

Structure, Pipe

Branches are structure for fish to hide in. Pipe is to draw pond water for possible future stream.

Rocks opposite Lot 5

Access to Inlet Pipe for Possible Future Stream

Compressors for Aeration?

South End of Pond

Looking South

South End of Pond

Looking North

Lot 3 from Pond Bottom

Beside North Island

Looking South

Placing Rock on Shore

Photo by Ponderosa

Berm by North Access Road

Berm North Side of Main Gate

Berm South Side of Main Gate

Berm by Main Gate

Looking from Schoolhouse Road


October 3 - Lots of Fill Leads to Longer Berms

Adding to the South Berm

Berm south of main gate is now continuous to existing south berm. It is being lengthened to more closely approach the main gate area.

Pond from North End

Piles of dirt on pond floor are waiting to be removed.

Access to North End of Pond

Turnaround at North End of Pond

Rocks Found Opposite Lot 5

Any solid rock will be left in place and will not interfere with overall pond design.

Pond from South End

Pond from Lot 5, Looking South

Pond from Lot 5, Looking North

Fill Piled in Meadow

Photo taken from edge of lawn on Lot 9-10

Fill for Berm on Lot 11

Berm is to block headlights from striking house.

North Berms

Original berm is on left with fill added to increase height. New berm is on the right.

South Berm

Photo from Hashknife looking along Paulina Trail shows continuous south berm.

North Access Berm - Site

The existing north berm will be extended in the area between the north access road and South Century. Photo is looking south toward existing north berm. Access road is on right.

North Access Berm - Site

Photo is looking north from same point as previous photo.


September 19 - Major Pond/Berm Progress, Hills in Meadow

Excavation - South End of Pond


Expect to finish interior and install power by Sept 30.

Excavation - South End

Loading Truck

Middle of Pond

Pond from North End

Continued Pumping

Excavating Mud

Wet fill will go to meadow.

Mud from the Lower Reaches

Water Truck in Action

Keeping dust out of houses and lungs of the workers.

Dirt Piled In Meadow

Contractor says will be made into low rolling hills.

New South Berm from Main Gate Area

North end of berm - will come no closer to gate area.

Old South Berm Meets New

New South Berm - Southern Part

North and South part will be joined as placement of fill is completed.

North Berm from Main Gate Area

More fill will bring berm closer.

North Berm from Main Gate Area

More fill will bring berm closer.

Access to North Berm Addition

Ranch Foreman will add height to portion of existing berm.


September 4 - Second Truck Arrives, Serious Excavation Underway



September 3 - Excavator and One Large Truck Have Arrived, Ranch Foreman Clearing Berm Location


First Truck

Second Small Excator

Dug part of trench for electrical.

Electrical Trench Leaving Transformer

New Midstate Electric right of way.

Electrical Trench

Conduit in place

Electrical Trench South End of Pond

Trench is extra deep here so possible future stream will not require digging it up the electrical.

Berm Clearing

Ranch Foreman Picking up Brush

Berm Clearing

Moving brush to center of berm area where it will be buried

First Load of Fill

Starting at north end of berm north of main gate

Pad for Pumphouse

Note trench for electrical at far corner.

Salvaged Valve for Intake

Low strength PVC goes all the way to south end of lake.

Bulldozer's Progress

Water On Meadow Surface

Water will hopefully sink in when we are only maintaining low pond level instead of emptying pond.

Water Drains North

Surface water threatens to re-enter pond at north end. Move dispersion pipes?

Large Pipe

Purpose unknown to photographer

View Toward Lot 8

View From Lot 8

Low Pond Level

From North End

Salvaged Rainbows

About 16 inches long

Strange Rainbow

Forked Tail

Pond Loyalty

The ducks don't leave.


August 29 - Equipment Arrives, Pumping Starts


Project Areas Before Start of Construction

Pond from North End

July 31, 2008

Pond from Lot 5 Looking North

July 31, 2008

Pond from Lot 5 Looking South

July 31, 2008

Pond from South End

July 31, 2008

Main Gate from South Century

July 31, 2008

Main Gate from Hashknife

July 31, 2008

New North Berm Location

From Main Gate Area July 31, 2008

New South Berm Area

From Main Gate July 31, 2008

New South Berm Area

From Main Gate July 31, 2008

Fence South of Main Gate

July 31, 2008

Homestead Road From East

July 31, 2008

Homestead Road From West

July 31, 2008

North Access Road

July 31, 2008

Trees West of Pond

(To be Removed)

August 5, 2008

Trees West of Pond

(To be Removed)

August 5, 2008


July 31, 2008


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