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There are three gates from South Century Boulevard onto Vandevert Ranch – the main gate, the north gate (shown above), and the south gate.  The main gate is a beautiful ranch-style gate, made of logs with a high log crossbeam above the gateway.  This is the principal gate used by homeowners and their guests and is not to be used by contractors.  The main gate actually consists of two separate gates – one for entering and one for exit.  Drivers can open either gate by using a transponder that fits on a keychain, by entering a unique code on a keypad at the gate, or by calling a homeowner from a phone at the gate to be buzzed in.  The ranch manager maintains a computer record of which transponder or which code was used every time a gate is opened.

The north and south gates are designed primarily for contractors but homeowners may use them as well.  Drivers open the gates by waving an individually issued plastic proximity card in front of a reader.  A record of whose card opened the gate, at what time, and from which side is kept on the ranch manager’s computer.

In use since 2001, the security gates have been reliable and easy for homeowners, contractors, and visitors to use.

Security is one of the duties of ranch employees.  They will investigate suspicious events and will stop unfamiliar vehicles and visitors to ascertain their identity and reason for being on the ranch.  Police services are provided by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.  Incidents requiring police services have been minimal.

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