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Vandevert Ranch Stewardship Plan
Mission and Objectives

Mission – To protect and enhance the natural resources of Vandevert Ranch for the enjoyment of current and future owners.

Owners value the woodlands, riparian areas, and meadows of the ranch for their natural beauty, opportunities for recreation, the feeling of privacy and remoteness, and the sense of living in and being in touch with nature.

 The mission is not:

  • to preserve the ranch environment in its current state or revert to some earlier state    
  • to protect the environment for the sake of the environment itself 
  • to serve a wider community

Objectives (also appear in the Executive Summary)

1.   Protect the natural resources against the primary threat of fire and secondary threats of disease, insect infestation, damage by animals and humans, and theft of forest products.

2.   Minimize erosion in the Little Deschutes River and enhance the river as a trout fishery.

3.   Enhance the beauty of the ranch while making the natural areas appear to be untouched by man. 

4.   Restore the diverse plant communities, especially grasses, that were once prevalent on the ranch.  Favor ponderosas over lodgepole pine.  Discourage invasive species (e.g. mullein). 

5.   Maintain and enhance wildlife habitat.  Favor elk, birds, and trout.  Control populations of sage rats, gophers, and tree frogs.   

6.   Enhance recreational access and experiences (especially visual) for owners - including horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. 

7.   Comply with state and federal law.  Participate with government and non-governmental organizations in programs that serve the objectives of the ranch and the surrounding community. 

8.   Respect the needs and desires of ranch neighbors.

9.   Support owner understanding and appreciation of the natural resources on the ranch.

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