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Riparian Area Objectives and Strategies


1.      Keep the river in its current channel, especially downstream of the bridge where the river abuts nine individually owned lots including the Homestead.

2.      Maintain views and access to the river by limiting the growth of willows in selected areas.

3.      Enhance the river as a trout fishery.

4.      Make the riparian area look as natural as possible.


1.      Continue bank stabilization work, especially as subsidized through grants administered by OWEB.  This is the key to keeping the river in its current channel and is also highly valuable in improving the fish habitat.

2.      Cut down willows in moderation where necessary to maintain views and access.

3.      Thoroughly analyze the river as a trout fishery and investigate alternatives for improving it.  Evaluate the structure, depth, water temperature, dissolved oxygen content, undercut banks, and spawning environment.

4.      Plant more ponderosas in the riparian areas and investigate what other tree and shrub species are likely to do well.   

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