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Abbreviations for Wetland Types Based on Substrate, Vegetation, and Hydrology

Format for abbreviation on map is generally four characters.

First character is P (for pond or marsh) or R for river.

Second two characters identify the vegetation as follows:

     EM - emergent vegetation, like a marsh or wet meadow
     AB - vegetation more on the bottom
     FO - forest
     SS - shrub/scrub

Fourth character pertains to wetness and flooding:

     F - mostly flooded
     A - briefly flooded
     C - seasonally flooded

Some specific abbreviations are as follows:

PEMF - pond/marsh, emergent plants, semi-permanently flooded
PEMA - pond/marsh, emergent plants, water present for brief times during year
PEMC - pond/marsh, emergent plans, seasonally flooded
PABF - pond, aquatic bed, semi-permanently flooded
R2UBH - river, low gradient, perennial
PFOC - pond/marsh, forested, seasonally flooded
PSSC - pond/marsh, scrub/shrub, seasonally flooded

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