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Operations - Annual Tasks

Remove snow from roads and driveways

Install and remove snow stakes

Care for horses, dogs, stables, paddocks, and kennels.

Thin trees for fuels reduction.  Remove and burn brush

Store teepee for winter and set up teepee in spring

Cut, store, and deliver firewood

Stock lake with fish

Treat lake for weeds and remove weeds

Treat road to barn with dust retardant (multiple times)

Mow stable pasture and trails

Remove trees damaged by storms or infested with bugs

Create wood chips and place them on paddocks and selected trails

Blade gravel roads and add gravel as necessary

Continually repair perimeter fence

Clear brush from trails

Facilitate annual aspen spraying

Facilitate annual mosquito abatement

Assist in OWEB monitoring of stream bank stabilization

Clean duck nest boxes

Maintain relationships with local and government organizations

Investigate any acts of criminal trespass, mischief, or vandalism

Repair gates as needed

Clean up litter, especially along South Century

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