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Hashknife and Schoolhouse Roads were built in the period 1992 to 1995 and are 22’ wide.  The upper part of the Homestead Road was moved north from the original road to the Homestead (date unknown) and is only 12 feet wide.  After at least ten years of homeowner traffic and heavy trucks bringing cement and rock to build houses, the roads are holding up well. 

On November 1, 2007, the ranch manager and one owner dug test holes next to the paved roads in six places to see what base underlay the roads.  In summary, the base is not ideal (6” of aggregate) but is adequate.  Following are the locations excavated and the layers of material found from the top layer down to the underlying soil.  The composition of the access roads is included at the bottom of the table as reported by the ranch manager.


Top Layer

2nd Layer

3rd Layer

4th Layer

Schoolhouse by Lot 5 – west side

2” asphalt overlay (added 2002)*

2” original asphalt

6” grey soil**

4” gravel***

Hashknife between Lots 12 and 13 – east side****

2” asphalt overlay (added 2002)*

2” original asphalt

6” poor gravel


Hashknife – east bridge approach – south side****

2” original asphalt

3 ” to 4” gravel

6” brown soil

Pitrun fill*****

Hashknife by Lot 15 – east side

2” original asphalt

4” mixed gravel and pit run



Hashknife – between lots 18 and 19 – west side

1 ” original asphalt

2” gravel

2” pit run


Homestead by Lot 12 – south side

1 ” original asphalt

4” gravel



North Access Road

” inches of gravel




South Access Road

Large gravel

(1 ” to 2” stones).  Depth varies.

” gravel

Mix of cinders and gravel


Barn Road******

4” of gravel (3/4” or less)

Pit run



*The asphalt overlay on the Phase 1 roads (Lot 2 to Lot 14) was applied in 2002.
**The grey soil layer by Lot 5 is probably from the original pond excavation
***Gravel means stones smaller than inch.  “Poor gravel” means gravel mixed with “pit run” (larger stones – up to 3-4 inches).  Stones under ” are preferred for road bases.
****Hashknife between Lots 12 and 13 is raised like a low causeway and was probably built to higher standards than other road sections.  Similarly on the bridge approach.
*****No evidence of geotextile fabric was found on the bridge approach or anywhere else.
******The road to the barn was rebuilt and crowned in 1998.  The ranch manager generally adds gravel to it every year.

Road Photo Gallery

It is not as easy to pick out the road layers from photos as it was on-site.  But the photos do help give a sense of the road bases.  Some road surface photos appear below as well.



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