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Vandevert Ranch Stewardship Plan


The original ranch stewardship plan was written by the ranch foreman in 2004 under a grant from the Oregon Department of Forestry.  In 2008 the plan was updated, expanded, and reformatted for presentation on the World Wide Web by the ranch foreman and the ranch webmaster.  The Vandevert Ranch Association’s board of directors approved the original plan and endorsed the creation of this updated version.  But the board has not yet officially reviewed or approved the plan as it exists today.   


The stewardship plan addresses the management of the common area woodlands, riparian areas, and the meadow.  Private owner lots are addressed in the CC&R’s.  Roads, structures, fences, paddocks, the riding arena, and landscaped areas are addressed separately under Operations.  Rainbow Lake, being manmade, will also be addressed under Operations rather than in the Stewardship Plan.

Purposes of the Plan (also appear in the Executive Summary)

1.      To present the natural resource mission and objectives of the Vandevert Ranch Association (the owners’ association).

2.      To describe the natural resources of the ranch, past actions taken to protect and enhance the resources, and organizations that can assist in managing them.

3.      To describe best practices and recommend future actions in the furtherance of the plan objectives.

4.      To present issues, challenges, and choices to be made by the ranch

About the Authors

The Ranch Foreman has 37 years experience in forestry operations, from harvesting to property management.  He is a Master Woodland Manager, Master Watershed Steward, and former Tillamook County Tree Farmer of the year award winner.  He was forestry manager for Shiloh Forest Enterprises, logging superintendent for the Colville Confederated Tribes, project manager for the Okanogan Conservation District, and a two-year member of the working committee that developed Oregon SB 360 (Oregon Forestland-Urban Interface Protection Act of 1997).  He has been a member of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association for 26 years and is past vice-president of the Upper Deschutes River Coalition.

The Webmaster has been an owner on the ranch since 1996.  Prior to retirement he was a marketing consultant serving high technology companies.  He is the author of The Electronic Commerce Dictionary and of an unpublished novel.

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