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Geologic/Lithologic Cross-sections

The first cross-section below runs west to east (B to B') through the intersection of U.S. 97 and the Paulina-East Lake Road, about six miles south of the ranch.  Though the slope of the volcanic rock on the right of the cross-section (labeled BS) is highly exaggerated, the chart still clearly shows that Little Deschutes flows through a valley of soils at least 200 feet deep with larger particle soils (sand and gravel) overlying smaller particle soil (clay-silt).  Spotty deposits of pumice, probably all from the eruption of Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake), cover the soil to varying depths.  

The second cross-section, below, is a portion of a longer one that runs from north to south (A to A') and passes about two miles west of the ranch.  The ranch is approximately opposite the highest point of pumice between the triple intersection of the cross-section with the Deschutes River on the left and the single intersection with the river on the right.



The lithographic cross sections and legend above are portions of "SELECTED CROSS SECTIONS SHOWING LITHOLOGIC UNITS OF THE LA PINE REGION, OREGON" By Rodney J. Weick and David S. Morgan, 2007, Prepared by the U.S. Geographic Survey in cooperation with OREGON DEPARTMENT OF ENVIROMENTAL QUALITY AND DESCHUTES COUNTY.

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