Owners Only




Barn and Stable

External Barn Stairs (Replacement stairs under construction, 2012)

Bridge over Little Deschutes River

Schoolhouse - Built 1925, Moved to Ranch 1929, Renovated approximately 1990

Main Entry Gate (Seen from inside the ranch)

Office and Shop

Kennel with Runs

Storage Building - Rightmost unit is owned by ranch. Others owned by individual ranch owners.

Open Ranch Storage

Well House (Near Schoolhouse - for well that serves Rainbow Lake)

Lake Shed - for aeration equipment


Owner Mailboxes

North Gate

South Gate

Riding Arena with irrigation and log bleachers

Footbridge to Teepee

Front Fence - Post and Rail. Pressure-treated, unpainted wood.

North Fence - Post and Rail. Painted, untreated wood.

Post and 4-Wire Fence - South and West Ranch Property Lines

Maintenance Yard Fence

Road Signs (Four Road Signs on the Ranch)

Trail Signs (Many)

Log Tables and Benches

Teepee with Exterior Benches and Firepit

Teepee with new platform

Sewer by Kennel

Sewer by Schoolhouse

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