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All utilities on the ranch are underground.  This page describes the locations of the main utility easements.  

On the west side of the ranch, water, sewer, telephone, and cable TV come from Crosswater over the north boundary.  We believe that water runs down the west side of Hashknife Road (indicated by the fire hydrants) while electricity, gas, sewer, telephone and cable run down the east side.  Electricity comes over the bridge from the east side of the ranch.  We're not sure whether gas comes from Crosswater or over the bridge on Hashknife.  All utilities except cable TV extend to the barn area. 

On the east side of the ranch (Lots 1 through 14 and Lot 22 - The Homestead), each house has its own well and its own sand filter for a sewage system.  The arterial utility easements are shown on the map below with red signifying electrical, yellow signifying gas, and light red signifying telephone.  The easements were marked on the ground by either the utility locate service or the individual utilities in the spring of 2007.  The ranch foreman then placed strips of sheetrock along the easements before aerial photographs were taken.  This map was developed from those aerial photos.  All utilities except gas serving the east side of the ranch run along the west sides of Schoolhouse and Hashknife Roads.  

Electricity enters the east side of the ranch in two places.  The line from the the northeast corner (lower right on the map above) runs to the transformer by the schoolhouse (see photo) and serves Lots 1 through 9/10.  The line that comes under the berm opposite Lot 12 serves Lots 11 through 14 on the east side and Lots 15 through 21 on the west side.

The gas line in the meadow comes up to Schoolhouse Road between Lots 8 and 9 to serve the Lots along Schoolhouse.

Qwest has a 40 foot easement along the north border of the ranch.  There is an abandoned 300 pair Qwest cable that runs in a straight line about 24 feet south of the fence.  In about 1998 or 1999 Qwest put in a 600 pair line that (according to the marks) wanders between 18 ’ and 20’ south of the fence.  The 600 pair cable crosses the river by the Crosswater golf course bridge and serves the entire ranch as well as Crosswater, Oregon Water Wonderland, and even part of Sunriver.  Qwest says these cables, which are not in conduit, are 30” deep.  Unless they are nicked or damaged they should last essentially forever. 

If the telephone cable were damaged, Qwest would not repair it.  They would replace the entire cable from one splice box to the next.  Nowadays they bury the cable in a four inch conduit.  They would dig a trench roughly two feet wide with a backhoe.  They say they would probably place the new cable between the two existing cables.

Cable TV enters the east side of the ranch near the main gate and also through the Qwest easement along the north border.  In the Qwest easement the cable is about three feet north of the northernmost Qwest cable (the one that is in use) and is about 16-17 feet from the north property line.

Utility companies serving the ranch are:  Cascade Natural Gas, Chambers Cable, Midstate Electric Coop, Qwest, and Sunriver Water.  Trash collection is provided by Wilderness Garbage (see photo to left).  A major natural gas pipeline runs just east of US 97 and Compressor Station #12 (see photo) is located about a mile south of the intersection with Vandevert Road.     


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