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The Clark Family History
by Linfield LeBoeuf Clark, written 1980

The mother of William Plutarch Vandevert, founder of Vandevert Ranch was Grace Clark.  Grace's brothers, James and Thomas were adventurous pioneers and inveterate travelers, as were there descendants.  The monograph linked to below was written by James Clark’s grandson, Linwood LeBoeuf Clark (born 1907) and includes extensive text written by his father, James’ son, Linwood Lincoln Clark (born 1867).  These monographs were supplied by Grace Vandevert McNellis and lightly edited by the Vandevert Ranch Webmaster. 

Monograph Sections (Word Documents):

1 - Introduction and Thomas the Dragoon - 998 words

2 - James and Thomas - 1,308 words

3 - The Clark Massacre - 1,209 words

4 - Other Family Members - 1,012 words

5 - James Clark - 837 words

6 - Linwood Lincoln Clark (Born 1867) - 2,339 words

7 - Linwood Lincoln, Favorite Horses - 1,972 words

8 - Linwood Lincoln, College and Epic Bike Trip - 1,359 words

9 - Linwood Lincoln, Marriage and Career - 1,271 words

10 - Linwood LeBoeuf Clark - End of Story - 1,547 words




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