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The Vandevert Family in 1895

The members of the Vandevert family are, from left to right:

Kathryn Grace - Born May 26, 1890 in Spring Valley, Rockland County, New York.  Died on the ranch on November 4, 1918 of influenza.  Buried on the ranch.

Claude - Born January 6, 1892 in Powell Butte, Oregon.  Took over Vandevert ranch from his father.  Married Pearl Marie Catlow October 15, 1922 and fathered Claude, Grace, Mary Jean, and David.  Pearl died the day after David was born.  Claude senior later married Jeanie Jossy.

John Clinton (Clint) - Born January 13, 1887 in Holbrook, Arizona.  Became a doctor in Bend.

Thomas William (Uncle Bill) - Born December 26, 1884 in Fort Griffin, Texas.  Owned a different ranch nearby but partnered in business with his brother Claude.

George Vinceheller - Born December 3, 1888 in Holbrook, Arizona.  Became a doctor.

William Plutarch - Born February 24, 1854 near Cottage Grove, Oregon.  Founder of the ranch and father of this family.  Died February 26, 1944.

Arthur (in baby carriage) - Born November 27, 1894.  Nicknamed "Bushie".  Became a doctor.

Maude - Born February 26, 1886.  Became a teacher.  Married Chet Catlow, Pearl Catlow Vandevert's first cousin.

Sadie Vincenheller - Born October 27, 1854 in Jefferstown, Kentucky.  She was teaching school near Fort Worth, Texas, when W.P. Vandevert met her.  They were married November 11, 1880 in Jefferstown.

Mittye, born August 17, 1883 in Fort Worth, is not in the picture above because she was living with her aunt in New York.

Mittye does appear in this photo of most of the children of William and Sadie as adults.  From left to right they are Arthur, George, Mittye, Claude, Bill (T.W.), and Clint. See more family photos.


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