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Home on the Vandevert Ranch - Where the Skies Were Not Cloudy All Day

Audio Recordings of Her Book by Grace Vandevert McNellis

Although Grace's marvelous book is no longer in print, you can hear Grace reading it on this website or by ordering the CD's. Grace has a charming and beautiful voice that takes you back to the times of her childhood and youth on the ranch. By clicking on the links below you can listen to each of the three CD's without interruption from the beginning of the CD to the end.

CD 1 - Immediate family, mother's family, land and buildings, chores, haying

CD 2 - Father's family, family trips, Indian visits

CD 3 - School, youth, marriage, and adulthood

You can also listen to individual tracks on the CD's as follows:

Disk 1

1. Dedication
2. Introduction
3. My Parents
4. Mother's Family - Catlows
5. My Brother, Sister, and Me
6. Our Home
7. The Outbuildings
8. Ironing
9. Sewing
10. The Ranch Land
11. Dad and Claude's Chores
12. Summers
13. Haying
14. Finished Haying (& Selling Cattle)

Disk 2

1. Dad's Family, the Vandeverts
2. W.P. and Sadie Vandevert
3. Mittye Vandevert
4. Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Bill
5. Aunt Maude Catlow
6. Clint
7. Joan
8. George
9. Claude - My Dad
10. Sallie Byrd & Cynthia
11. Everyday Life on the Ranch
12. Bend Shopping
13. Family Trips
14. Lessons Learned
15. Guy Kibbee
16. Indians

Disk 3

1. School in La Pine
2. Driving to La Pine and Bend Schools
3. Life at the Start of World War II
4. My Mother's Death
5. My Mother - Pearl Marie Catlow
6. War Years
7. Dad - Civilian Guard at Camp Abbot
8. Soldiers & Bill Moyers
9. Graduating from Bend High 1947
10. Tom McNellis, My Future Husband
11. Philadelphia Move
12. Home Insurance Company in Philadelphia
13. Philadelphia Living
14. Moving Back to the West & Gig Harbor
15. The End of an Era
16. Epilogue


Grace says, "As you listen to my story, I hope you get a feel for what life was like in the days of the Vandevert Ranch and understand why I loved it so very much. You will hear about a large family that loved the ranch and returned to it year after year. There were both good times and bad, but I remember mostly good. I hope you enjoy my story."

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