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Rebuilding the Homestead

Jim and Carol Gardner rebuilt the Homestead from the ground up in 1988 and lived in the house while the ranch was being developed and initially marketed.  The photo to the right shows the original building before it was torn down. For more photos of the original Homestead see the History Book Addendum.


At left, the Homestead site after demolition.  The painted house is the present-day guest house before the Gardners added log siding.  The old barn is visible to the left and the small workshop added by Claude Vandevert senior is at the far left of the photograph.  The tree was still healthy and in place in 2008.







The two photos below show the "new" Homestead under construction in 1988. While the new house closely replicated the old one, it was built forty feet further north and the ground was built up higher beneath it. Additions were a concrete foundation and a small garage (under the second floor porch with the log railing).

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